The Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens have a simple wish – that you enjoy the Gardens as much as we do.

You may be our next door neighbours or a visitor to Glasgow or  live on the other side of the world – it matters not – please enjoy your time in the Gardens, whether in-person or online. We hope that this site will inspire you to visit the Gardens and give you all information you need.


Glasgow Botanic Gardens is firstly a documented collection of plants for the purposes of conservation, education and research and is home to several national plant collections including Dendrobium orchids, tree ferns and Begonias.


We aim to enhance the international educational value of botanic gardens world-wide and support educational activities and training programmes aimed at nature lovers of all ages and skill levels.

Public benefit

We believe the Botanic Gardens are a precious gift to be utilised and enjoyed by all. Friends groups play a vital role in safeguarding our greenspaces, ensuring they remain freely accessible for generations to come by shaping the management, funding and protection of these invaluable public assets.

What’s on

See our calendar for information on upcoming lectures, tours, meetings and other events.

Guided tours

Join us for free guided tours of the Gardens at 11am on Thursdays and 2pm on Saturdays.

Certificate in Practical Horticulture

RBGE Certificate in Practical Horticulture at Glasgow Botanic Gardens is a 10-day course that will give you the fundamental practical skills of a horticulturist.