Snowdrop (day 2)

Sunrise on the first day of Spring.

It wasn’t the usual journey to work today!

We were a bit dismissive of the snow yesterday but overnight we received a sharp reminder from Mother Nature in the form of just less than a foot of snow at Glasgow Botanics.

The Tea Room staff have walked several miles from the south of Glasgow to open up the Curators House Tea Room. I think they were needing a drop of their own medicine by the time they arrived.

Usually home to ‘cool’ events such as the Book Fair, Botanical Painting or Garden Design classes the Hopkirk Building is looking slightly chilly today. Please contact your course lead before traveling, if you plan to attend any classes over the next two days.

Due to difficulties with the transport network, we are short staffed at the moment so the Main Range will remain shut, the Kibble Palace, as always, is open till 4. Inside the glasshouses the plants still need watered despite the snow and we would like to thank our Glasgow University student placement who turned up today and assisted two of the horticultural apprentices with glasshouse maintenance.

Today ( 1/03/2018), the Main Range will remain shut, Public Toilets are open till 4 pm, The Tea Room is open but will close at 2pm, Kibble will close at 4 pm and we will be shutting and locking the gates to the grounds by 5pm.

This to allow our staff, apprentices and volunteers to travel home, and so I can find a carrot to finish my snowman.