The Great Escapers- Help us track them down in Glasgow!!

We are looking outside of the Botanic Gardens for this task in an attempt to assist our partners at the Botanical Society of the British Isles.

As part of a nationwide effort to record as many plant species as possible growing ‘as wild’, the BSBI is very keen to hear from anyone in Glasgow who can report occurrences of garden plants which have ‘escaped’ over the garden wall and into the streetscape or landscape beyond.

Plants such as:

Aconitum napellus (Monk’s-hood)

Alstoemeria aurea (Peruvian Lily)

Campanula rapunculoides (Creeping Bellflower)

Dicentra formosa (Bleeding-heart)

Heuchera (Coralbells – any variety)

Humulus lupulus (Hop)

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)

Kniphofia uvaria (Red-hot-poker)

Lilium pyrenaicum (Pyrenean Lily)

Ornithogalum umbellatum subsp. campestre (Garden Star-of-Bethlehem)

Paeonia officinalis (Garden Peony)

Philadelphus (Mock-Orange – any variety)

Ribes alpinum (Mountain Currant)

Vicia faba (Broad Bean)

Please get in touch with any instances of the above, or any other ‘garden escape’.

And we’re also interested to hear of the less common garden weeds or species which may have arrived in gardens of their own accord.

These could include Orchids, marsh plants, ferns – or such weeds as Euphorbia helioscopia (Sun-spurge).The data input remains open for just 50 more days and we still need to add around a dozen species to the Glasgow record.

We’re happy to pay a visit to confirm anything you’re in doubt about.


Send your finds, queries or questions to Michael Philip (BSBI Recorder, vc77 (Lanarkshire))  direct at his contact

Thank you for your help!