Visitor information: Staying safe

Just like this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly perched on the carnivorous Sarracenia plant it’s sometimes best to do things carefully.

Although the outside area of Glasgow Botanic Gardens has remained open throughout the COVID-19 control period, as of 10/07/2020 the Glasshouses, Kibble Palace, Tea Room and Public Toilets at Glasgow Botanic Gardens remain closed.

Preparations are being made for the reopening of the indoor facilities but this will be very carefully managed and we hope to bring you updates when we receive them from Glasgow City Council.

Volunteering is still suspended, though plans are being made to allow volunteers to return. They will have to book slots and we will be unable to supervise as many volunteers as we did in the past but we hope to get things moving as soon as possible.

The grounds of Glasgow Botanic Gardens are open from 7 am to 9 pm every day.

You can do your bit to help Glasgow Botanic Gardens by disposing of rubbish in the bins provided and, where possible and safe, taking litter home. When visiting Glasgow Botanic Gardens please remember that the bye laws against the consumption of alcohol or possession of an open container of alcohol apply here, as well as the other parks across the city.

Above all, follow the current advice from the Scottish Government and #StaySafe.