Proposed Glasshouse Charges- A statement by the Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens – Glasgow City Council introduction of entry charges to Glasshouses

Response by the Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens

At this time, the Friends have no information from the City Council other than the press information suggesting charges to the Glasshouses will be introduced raising a reported £185,000, presumably annually.

To date, there has been absolutely no consultation with the Friends, who are major supporters of the Botanic Gardens including a very recent agreement to contribute financially to the upgrading of facilities in the Gardens.

We are not aware whether the charges will apply to all the glasshouses including the Kibble Palace and the Main Range. Equally there has been no indication as to how the charges will be practically implemented nor whether there are to be concessions to any of the City Council’s designated groups of special need.

We require full information on the likely charges and indeed the cost incurred by managing the process of taking income ie the net income after administration costs for collection, security etc.

Notwithstanding being provided with the above information, the Friends are implacably opposed to the introduction of any charges to this Internationally recognised centre of botanical and environmental excellence.

Only recently Glasgow’s Greenspaces were being described as “the Natural Health Service” due to the value placed on open spaces during the Covid pandemic. To exclude unfettered access to the valuable plant collections and the demonstration of their globally economic value will strike a major blow to Glasgow’s promotion of environmental awareness and climate change information.