Glasgow Flower Gardens

by Jane Butterworth & Lucy Vaughan, Chair of Glasgow Flower Gardens

Sweet peas are going to make a come back in our Annuals Garden this year. They were a highlight in our first year at the Botanics in 2017 so we are excited to have new space for them with the removal of the little Thuya hedge edging our plot.

Seed sowing has begun in earnest and we have sown earlier than ever in order to enjoy a bumper harvest for longer! However, life is never quite straight forward. We don’t have a glasshouse of our own so our seeds have a peripatetic lifestyle, hence this appeal to Friends of the Botanics…

If you have space in your greenhouse to accommodate some trays of seedlings, or pots with seedlings to grow on, we’d love to hear from you!
We would be delighted to thank you with bunches of flowers later in the season!

Our seedlings start their peripatetic life style from Day 1.

Step 1. The newly sown seeds
ready for conveying to members’
kitchen window sills!

Step 2. Sweet pea seedlings
already ready for pinching out… and looking for a new home!

Meanwhile, on the artistic front, last Sunday we had great fun decorating Easter eggs using vegetable dyes, proven by 4-year-old-Ben exclaiming, “Mum, how did you know this was going to be so awesome!”

So ends our winter workshop season and now we look forward to holding flower bunching workshops in the summer.

Happy Easter holidays everyone!