Workshop: An introduction to natural dyeing

Join horticulturist and craftsperson Julia Billings in a full-day workshop on the essentials of transferring colours found in plants onto fabric and yarn.

We will cover the key aspects of natural dyeing: fibre preparation and mordanting, sourcing dyestuffs, the various steps involved in preparing and working with a natural dyebath, safe dyeing practice, over-dyeing to create complex colours, keeping records of dye experiments and other tips for dyeing with plants and other natural materials. We will explore the use of mordants and modifiers before and after dyeing to achieve a wide range of colours from the same pot and take a walk around Glasgow Botanic Gardens to explore the dye potential of some of the plants growing in the gardens.

All materials, comprehensive notes on processes covered, samples of fabric and yarn dyed in the workshop, tea and cake £65 (limited to 10 participants)


To book: Please go to and click o the shop link